Personal Protective Equipment for COVID19

First off, COVID19 is not a truly deadly pathogen for a majority of healthy people. So avoiding the virus is not as personally important to me as recovering from infection. That said, for Health Care and 1st Responders who have to go into hot-zones frequently, it’s important. Here’s protective guidelines from the CDC

I don’t know any of you have worn military or 1st responder gas mask, but working in them can be hot, ungainly,  and a pain in the ass. I’ve opted for a split setup with a face respirator and goggles.

This type of mask with an N95 filter is what you would need for both wildfire smoke, high-rise fire or Corona virus particles (which are .08 microns in size).

For eye-protection choose splash resistant shop goggles to protect from airborne pathogens

Or these fully air-seal goggles.

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