COVID-19 Day 82: Your narrative shapes your perspective on the Lincoln Memorial Protests.

In an unusual scene, National Guard troops were posted to the Lincoln Memorial and other national landmarks in Washington D.C., after some monuments in the Great Mall were vandalized over the weekend. Protest over George Floy’d death turned violent as protestors near the White House clashed with D.C. police.

What is interesting is how this same scene has been depicted by the media. Almost all news outlets and social media have posted the photo on the left, taken by Martha Raditz which has enraged many on social media.

But that same scene photographed from a different angle shows a less than intimidating group of guardsmen on the steps, far outnumbered by the crowd of peaceful protesters who had gathered. The soldiers weren’t even armed or carrying defensive riot shields. Hardly alarming and therefore hardly newsworthy because it doesn’t outrage you then it’s not baiting you enough to click. 

As were these images from Washington and around the country today.

The protests today were peaceful and when the protestors left, so did the troops. The National Guard was literally there to ‘guard’ a national monument, to keep it from looking like this scene from Tom Clancy’s The Division 2. Coincidentally or prophetically, that game tells the story of a nation brought to collapse after a global pandemic. Let’s hope life doesn’t imitate art.

© Ubisoft Tom Clancy’s the Division


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