COVID-19 Day 28: Socialism, where’s the fire?



In an interview with Congressman Dan Crenshaw, Joe Rogan challenged him on his stance against Bernie Sander’s Medicare-for-All.

“Isn’t the fire department Socialism?” Joe asked, “Don’t we already do that with firemen, the policemen, with the schools?”

Crenshaw seemed to struggle to come up with a metaphor for Joe that would offer an explanation of how public medical care wasn’t on the same scale as firefighting. But I don’t think Joe quite got it, nor did Dan explain it quite clearly.

Here’s where Joe’s firefighter/doctor analogy breaks down for me. If we expected the level of services from our fire department as we did from our healthcare, it would seem absurd. Let me explain.

We’d schedule an appointment with our firefighter twice a year to have them inspect our house. They’d remind us that the electrical load in our wiring was a little too high and could spark an electrical fire if we didn’t lower it. We’d ask for prescriptions for a new lightbulbs and get them filled at a hardware store. If we had a fire in the garage, we’d expect the fire department not just to put it out but to rebuild it.

The point is, we expect a lot more from our healthcare than our fire department. Orders of differences more. Yet we somehow expect that a fully public healthcare system shouldn’t cost more than a typical city fire department budget.

I don’t have a solution. Greater minds than mine have looked into the healthcare problem in American and have come up short. But what I do know is that if we treated our homes like our bodies, we’d be BBQing in our living room, and that’s your problem right there.



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