Debunked: Derek Chauvin Fake Police Vehicle Hoax

A number of Internet theories and memes have cropped up since the death of George Floyd attempting to question the legitimacy and identity of the cops who were involved, as by questioning visual details in the images of the arrest.

The meme below was shared by a friend who wanted to know if it could be true? I looked for images of Minneapolis Police vehicles and indeed the only images I could find were those also used in the meme. But I noticed that the lower door of the Police vehicles looked different than the vehicle in the George Floyd arrest. After searching for photos of the 2020 model Ford Explorer, we can see that Ford has changed the design of the rear hatch allowing for a broad area below the license plate to place a graphic text decals. In 2019 and older model Ford Explorers have the door handle directly below license plate which would make it impossible to apply a decal across the area without cutting it off in the middle.

I do not know the origin of this compiled-photo meme or whether it was created with malicious or innocent intent. But should you come across it, please share this article to debunk it.

Original HOAX meme

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