The Celebrity Struggle Sessions.

“Confession means a lesser punishment, denial means guilt.” – a Chinese Communist Quote

‘Cancel Culture’ is nothing new. At the height of the Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) teachers, civic leaders, artists, musicians, actors, and common farmers, were rounded up by the mob and forced to ‘confess’ their sins against Communism. These ‘Struggle Sessions‘ were held publically and the victims were often tortured, made to wear signs professing their guilt, and humiliated in front of their town and peers.

Soon the accused started giving up all kinds of information and examples of crimes that they MIGHT have committed, implicating anybody they knew, hoping that information would appease the mob. Before the Cultural Revolution ended (with the death of Mao), it’s estimated over 10-20 million were imprisoned in ‘reeducation camps’ and millions would die.

Today we see something eerily similar to the Chinese Struggle Sessions. These celebrities created the above online video to proactively signal their virtue to the cultural mob.

Or like the progressive Mayor of Minneapolis, who confessed to his ‘whiteness’. He most certainly is also guilty of ineffectual and indecisive leadership. But nobody cared. A mob will never forgive.

Today there is no need for Mao. Social Media is the Mao in all of us.


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