1 Year Since COVID Day 1

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year to the day that I started a daily blog to cover the COVID-19 Pandemic, an exercise which ended with the D.C. BLM Demonstrations and nationwide riots, lets reflect on the dumpster fire of a year and the ash heap that looks to be 2021.

The Trump Administration did a terrible job handling the crisis. But that should come as no surprise to any honest critic of Donald Trumps abilities as a leader. But as it turns, every Governor of every major state (New York, New Jersey, California, Illinois, Florida, Massachusetts, etc.) failed just as miserably. Save for much deserved condemnation of NYC Mayor Di Blasio and President Trump, the nations News Media’s excused the failures of these leaders exposes their bias. Their fawning of Governor Cuomo is most glaring and egregious.

Short of a China style lock-down where all residents are ordered to stay at home for 30 days and armed police and soldiers shoot violators in the street, I don’t believe any national “lockdown” policy would have made any difference.

20/20 hindsight reveals that large states with “hard” lockdowns like New York and California, did no better in terms of COVID deaths or cases per capita than states which had “soft” business closures such as Florida and Texas. Which bares the uncomfortable realization that closing and destroying the small businesses in those states was unnecessary. That closing the schools for over a year was unnecessary.

It remains to be seen if future generations will be able to fairly and honestly look at these uncomfortable facts and learn lessons for the future. But like the 1918 Spanish Flu Pandemic, our generation conducted similar cover-ups and manipulations of the truth. The only difference was that there was actually a Federal Bureau in charge of that propaganda. Today we have Google, CNN, and the New York Times doing it voluntarily.


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