COVID-19 not transmitted on surfaces, duh.

We’ve all heard the political phrase “Follow the Science” and this is an example of why that has lost all credibility. On April 5, 2021 the CDC released official recognition that the risk of COVID-19 transmission is rare to non-existent. Just to be clear, I’m not anti-science. I’m anti-using the word, “science” as cover for bad policy and political virtue signaling.

For over a year, since the COVID-19 Emergency was announced in March 2020, the official and non-official guidance from the WHO and CDC is that there was a significant risk of COVID-19 transmission from fomites of coronavirus left on surfaces (such as tables, desks, doors, etc.). This risk was cited as a reason for State Health Departments to shut down schools, small businesses, and restaurants, as well as mandate extensive use of disinfectants.

Yet scientific studies previously published, virologists, and infectious disease experts pointed out as early as March 2020, that the risk was low. So low that there was practically no evidence of a single COVID-19 infection transmitted from surface contact. Let me repeat that, there was not a single credible case of a COVID-19 infection transmitted from surface contact. This fact was reported by the WHO as early as June 2020 but they officially advise that there was a credible risk.

State and Federal governments have instituted policies at odds with the Scientific Data, whilst claiming to “Follow the science”. They did the same with discouraging mask use until turning 180ยบ and mandating mask use. It is no wonder that trust in the government is at an all-time low. And in the absence of a trustworthy government, it is all the more important to ignore the popular Narrative and Offical Guidance and read the information yourself.

The inexplicable aspect of this shameful episode is that the scientific articles and studies that have been posted and linked to specifically state the ‘low-risk’ of surface transmission. It is there for the world and anybody with an ounce of critical thinking to read. Yet the politicians and health officials cynically ignore or re-interpret the evidence to support their misguided policies.

COVID-19 exploited the blind spots of our immune system to damage and kill us. Our politicians the information-blind electorate to exploit the pandemic to damage and kill small-businesses and our ability to act for our own best health interests.


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